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We know that stories have the power to open hearts and change minds—that’s why we share them. When we talk to policy makers about our issues—such as the negative implications of reducing Social Security benefits or why we must expand Medicaid nationwide—we are in essence sharing our stories.  We share the stories of the many older adults whose only financial safety nets are their monthly Social Security checks and how further cutting benefits would have a disproportionate impact on elders of color and LGBT elders. Browse from the stories below from older adults and their loved ones as well as from advocates.

We’re changing the aging narrative one story at a time.  Explore our stories—and tell your own.

ACA Coverage Stories ACA Coverage Stories
Mental health is taboo in the Cambodian community. You slowly work with them. You slowly educate them. You can’t work on mental health until you help them with getting health insurance, until you build that trust first. READ MORE
Alberto’s Story Alberto’s Story
“Despite the many risks involved (possible execution, exposure to communicable disease, highly constrained resources), the Llenas restored my grandfather to good health.” READ MORE
Bao’s Story Bao’s Story
“…he did his best to quickly adjust to America…” Bao Lor’s grandfather was a refugee from Laos who arrived to the U.S in 1990. Her grandfather’s was resilient in acclimating to the American culture, while helping to raise his many grandchildren. READ MORE
Brad and Mike’s Story Brad and Mike’s Story
“As we approach our 60’s and 70’s, aging has been a process we witnessed our parents endure and are blessed with the loving support of our families and friends. We also continue to advocate for LGBT equality in our City and State.” READ MORE
Bryan’s Story Bryan’s Story
“Dad, I’m gay. Please don’t hate me.” Bryan’s father, Angel, is a Puerto Rican older adult nearing full-retirement age. Bryan talks about coming out to his dad, and what made him become an aging advocate. READ MORE
Chin Elder’s Story Chin Elder’s Story
“The Chin elders are in a big cultural shock.” Chum Awi, a key leader and elder in the Chin community, an ethnic minority from Burma, is interviewed about working with the Chin community in Texas. READ MORE
Clara’s Story Clara’s Story
“My experience as a caregiver infiltrated my mind, body and spirit, my cultural identity, my idea of family, and certainly my identity as an all-American Chinese daughter.” READ MORE
Claudette’s Story Claudette’s Story
“Claudette Hubbard escaped LGBT violence in Jamaica in 1973…” Despite official ICE guidance that agents should not “expend detention resources” on those who are elderly, many immigrant elders are detained and deported. READ MORE
Cora’s Story Cora’s Story
And who knows what the future can bring? That’s why I like to go to seminars. I just want to learn. That’s what I like right now. That is my goal. I hope I can have a more challenging job. READ MORE
Cynthia’s Story Cynthia’s Story
“It was hard to enter 2014 without my baby boy.” Cynthia Diao, 60, lost her son to suicide. As a Minister, Cynthia often counsels others on grief, but had a difficult time processing her own. READ MORE
Em’s Story Em’s Story
I miss my life in Vietnam. We have nice beaches there. But everything in America is good, especially the freedom and the liberty. READ MORE
Helena’s Story Helena’s Story
My greatest gift during the years that I have been living with HIV/AIDS has been the development and recognition of how wonderful and precious life is and can be. READ MORE
Hitomi’s Story Hitomi’s Story
“How did you cross the border?” Intergenerational programs can empower diverse elders. Hitomi Yoshida shares examples of her intergenerational work with Mexican elders, and other ethnic elders. READ MORE
Ito’s Story Ito’s Story
” Ito has committed his life to creating inner peace and peace with others, but in order to understand how this works, you need to know his story.” READ MORE
Ivy’s Story Ivy’s Story
“Social Security is a highly effective anti-poverty program…” Ivy Ngo reflects on Social Security and how it is a lifeline for many older adults, such as her Vietnamese father who took early retirement in 2013. READ MORE
Jonathan’s Story Jonathan’s Story
“Like my father, I intend to live a productive life and be actively involved in those issues that affect our community. Retirement has not stopped me because once an advocate, always an advocate.” READ MORE
Maganbhai and Kamuben’s Story Maganbhai and Kamuben’s Story
“My father died without a good doctor, so I vowed to make my sons into doctors.” READ MORE
Maria’s Story Maria’s Story
“When each of their battles were lost, I mourned while others pointed fingers and speculated the disease’s origin, expected totality and predicted devastation. It was truly a sad and scary time for my community.” READ MORE
Mikael’s Story Mikael’s Story
“I never thought I would say it, but getting older has helped me to spread my wings, expand my mind, and push beyond the barriers that I created to protect or imprison myself.” READ MORE
Mike’s Story Mike’s Story
“I like to think that by fighting for issues like equality and justice, I’m helping people live in their truths and be their authentic selves.” READ MORE
Patricia’s Story Patricia’s Story
“Life outside the convent was filled with new adventures and challenges: managing bills, starting retirement savings and prepping for job interviews. But those all paled in comparison to the daunting, yet exhilarating, idea of dating.” READ MORE
Paul’s Story Paul’s Story
“I am a 53 year old, bald headed transman with a grown son, a wicked laugh and enough life stories to keep the camp fire glowing late into the night.” READ MORE
Scottie’s Story Scottie’s Story
“I have long outlived my initial prognosis. I am one of two survivors of that original support group from 1991. I have made a difference in this world by sharing myself with those who want to hear my story.” READ MORE
Shireen’s Story Shireen’s Story
“My mother started crying. “If she goes to the war front no one will marry her. No one will take her in marriage. People will talk.” But my father said, “She definitely needs to go because she’s needed there.” READ MORE
Theu’s Story Theu’s Story
I tell my children to get an education so they will have a job to support themselves and their families. I am proud of having raised my children. I don’t want them to suffer as I did. READ MORE
Tomi’s Story Tomi’s Story
“My crossroads is where work, family, service, and full-time vs. part-time income earning converge. The question is what the path will look like, and what will the relationship be between the elements?” READ MORE
Ty’s Story Ty’s Story
“Today as a black gay man, I enjoy more freedoms and rights. Yet, for older black gay men who are living with HIV/AIDS, it’s still a difficult journey.” READ MORE

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