Hispanic Elders: A Growing, Increasingly Engaged Population

In 2016, the Diverse Elders Coalition delivered more than 4,500 comments to the Federal Administration for Community Living, regarding a plan that would guide state aging offices in allocating resources for diverse elders as they age. The National Hispanic Council on Aging (NHCOA) received hundreds of comments from Hispanic older adults and share their findings in this.... Read More


Diverse Elders and the Older Americans Act

What does the Older Americans Act mean for diverse elders? The Older Americans Act (OAA) is legislation that supports a variety of programs and services for older Americans in the United States. The OAA provides critical services that help about 11 million older adults stay as independent as.... Read More


The Older Americans Act and Diverse Elders: New Solutions for Critical Constituencies

The Older Americans Act is a vital important piece of Federal legislation that is considered the “crown jewel” of aging policy and which allocates funding for many of the services that diverse elders require to age with health and dignity.

As a coalition that works to address the unique needs of elders of color, American Indian and Alaska Native elders, and LGBT elders, we also know that the constituencies that are the most marginalized require services that meet our communities’ needs in specific ways and that cookie cutter approaches do not work. The DEC has identified specific priorities for Congress to consider as it debates the needs and concerns of all our.... Read More


ACA Open Enrollment and Diverse Elders

In the first year of health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the number of uninsured people in the United States dropped by 10 million. During periods of open enrollment for the ACA, new people can purchase health care coverage in the Marketplace and those who currently are covered can change or make adjustments to their plan. Here are three steps to guide the process of shopping for new coverage or changing your current.... Read More


Facts and Factors: HIV and Diverse Elders

Similar to the “graying” and “browning” of America, the rapid growth of elders with HIV has brought forth unique challenges that must be addressed immediately and effectively. Elders already bear disproportionate physical, financial, and emotional burdens, and this is all the more true for elders of color, American Indian/Alaska Native elders, and LGBT elders who are disparately impacted by HIV.

.... Read More

As the Fabric of Our Country Changes in Texture

As the fabric of our country changes in texture, our communities will be the thread that sustains the future.

This pamphlet introduces the Diverse Elders Coalition and briefly highlights some of the work that we do on behalf of elders of color and LGBT.... Read More


HIV/AIDS and Older Adults: Fact vs. Fiction

Too many myths and misconceptions surround HIV and AIDS, particularly for people over 50 living with the disease. Learn the facts about HIV/AIDS and older adults. For more information, visit Read More


Southeast Asian American Elders & the Affordable Care Act

Signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) will expand access, increase consumer protections, and improve health care quality. Its passage will greatly affect the Southeast Asian American (SEAA) community, and in particular, its elder population. As the country moves forward in implementing the ACA, it is important to highlight some important parts of reform and the potential impact it will have on Southeast Asian American elders ages 55 and older. For more information, visit Read More


Elder Patients at Risk for Abuse Fact Sheet

Assessment instruments and resources for identifying and addressing elder abuse. For more information, visit Read More

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