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The Importance of Sleep for Our Elders – Winter Edition

By Nicole Van Nelson

The National Indian Council on Aging (NICOA) Executive Director Randella Bluehouse states, “NICOA encourages our Elders to sleep well and be healthy this winter season, and throughout the year.” Learning the causes of sleep deprivation, especially in the winter, and Read More

Intergenerational Programs Thrive in Rural Minnesota

By Diverse Elders

by Beth Baker. This post originally appeared on Next Avenue.

Rick Ramey, 82, has always loved monarch butterflies. So when his community of Moose Lake, Minn., built a new public pavilion, he floated the idea of establishing butterfly gardens there Read More

Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. and Giving Back to Our Communities

By Jenna McDavid

On Monday, January 15th, we honor the life and legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Many people and organizations in the United States use Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a day of service, giving back to their Read More