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Chinese Elders Face Hurdles to Settle in America

By Diverse Elders

by Bella Chen. This article originally appeared in Sampan Newspaper. To read this story in Chinese, click here.

Imagine this: You live where you were born and raised for almost 30 years. You have a comfortable life with your wife Read More

NAPCA 40 for 40 Spotlight: Li Yi Li

By Diverse Elders

TheĀ National Asian Pacific Center on AgingĀ (NAPCA) was founded 40 years ago on November 1, 1979 to address the divide between AAPI elderly and the services they were entitled to. In 40 years, NAPCA has directly served tens of Read More

2020 Census Overlooks Caregivers

By Diverse Elders

by Kayla Sawyer. This article originallu appeared on the NICOA blog.

The 2020 Census fails to ask two important questions that affect more than 43.5 million Americans. The missing questions address whether a U.S. resident is a caregiver Read More