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The Voices of the Silenced

By Diverse Elders

by SAGE Communications. This article originally appeared on the SAGE blog.

When asked to think of the predominant challenges facing people as they age today, the common answers may be physical mobility and accessibility, savings and wealth management, or finding Read More

Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities Count: 2020 Census and AAPI Older Adults

By Frances Huynh

The phrase “Asian American and Pacific Islander” is an umbrella term encompassing millions of people in the United States, including nearly 50 different ethnic subgroups speaking more than 100 languages. The incredible diversity of the Asian American and Pacific Islanders Read More

Supporting Black Futures During Black History Month by Ending Diabetes Disparities

By Ocean Le

African American older adults are disproportionately affected by diabetes, which affects more than 10% of African American adults. Without proper management, diabetes may increase the risk for other diseases including cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, and Alzheimer’s disease and related Read More