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Dual Stigma: HIV Positive and Over 50

By Diverse Elders

by Grace Birnstengel. This article originally appeared on Next Avenue.

HIV/AIDS used to be considered a disease of the young. In the early 1980s, when doctors first reported cases of HIV, nearly 70% of diagnoses were among people under Read More

Moving Mountains in My Own Community

By Diverse Elders

by Cha Vang, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Hmong Innovating Politics and a member of SEARAC’s Advisory Council for Moving Mountains 2019. This post originally appeared on the SEARAC blog.

The Southeast Asian American (SEAA) community has always Read More

Detroit’s Water Austerity: Lack of Household Water, Contamination, Potential Public Health Crisis

By Diverse Elders

by Julia Kassem. This article originally appeared on Global Research News.

In 2017, the City of Detroit alone faced 171 cases of hepatitis A. This was more than all the rest of Wayne County with 142 cases, and topped any Read More