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Where Bigotry is Denied Entrance—Fighting HIV/AIDS Stigma in Housing

By Diverse Elders

by Pat Lin. This post originally appeared on the SAGE blog.

On World AIDS Day, it’s important to commemorate how far we’ve come since the HIV/AIDS pandemic started. HIV isn’t the death sentence it used to Read More

A Timely Reminder

By Marsha Aizumi

This post originally appeared in the Pacific Citizen.

I recently received a very kind note from a man named Herb. In his note, he talked about reading one of my articles and expressed his amazement at my bravery. He also Read More

Telling Our Stories for World AIDS Day 2016

By Jenna McDavid

Each year on December 1st, we join millions of individuals and organizations around the globe in commemorating World AIDS Day. The prevention of HIV/AIDS – as well as the continued care of those living with HIV – has always been a Read More