AARP and Asian Americans/ Pacific Islanders: New Information about Elder Communities  

by Ben de Guzman, the National Managing Coordinator for the Diverse Elders Coalition.

Last week, AARP was busy in the Asian American/ Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. On December 9, they issued a report entitled “Are Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Financially Secure?” Billed as “an AARP report about the economic well-being of AAPIs age 50+”, results from a 2013 AARP study of Chinese and Filipino Americans, Census data, and survey data of English speaking Asian Americans from Scarborough Research, and other cited sources (including DEC partner National Asian Pacific Center on Aging) were synthesized to reveal major findings about financial security among AAPI communities in the United States.

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Fred Korematsu Day and George Takei: Asian Americans and Civil Rights for ALL

Last week, our blog noted the nation’s celebration of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. This week, our friends in California are recognizing the contributions made by the life and legacy of Fred Korematsu. Since 2010, California state legislation has designated January 30 as Fred Korematsu Day. To mark the 5th anniversary of this commemoration, the Fred Korematsu Institute in San Francisco is hosting a special evening featuring the inimitable George Takei.

Korematsu Day 2015

Fred Korematsu’s actions in defiance of the incarceration of Americans of Japanese ancestry by the U.S. government during World War II cemented his role as.... Read More


Celebrating NCBA’s 45th Anniversary

The following statement comes from The National Caucus and Center on Black Aging, Inc., one of the country’s oldest organizations dedicated to aging issues.  NCBA was founded in 1970 to ensure that the particular concerns of elderly minorities would be addressed in the then-upcoming 1971 White House Conference on Aging.  Since then, NCBA has helped protect and improve the quality of life for elderly populations, making certain that legislators, policy makers, philanthropists, advocacy groups, service organizations, thought leaders and the public at-large include minority seniors in their programs, policy- and law-making, and giving. ncba As NCBA celebrates its 45th anniversary and continues to advance its mission of advocating for low-income.... Read More