Pearl Harbor’s Legacy: Memories of What We’ve Gained and What We’ve Lost

The legacy of the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor is complex. The Yakima Herald Republic published a series of stories that provide various takes on this legacy.

AARP and Asian Americans/ Pacific Islanders: New Information about Elder Communities  

by Ben de Guzman, the National Managing Coordinator for the Diverse Elders Coalition.

Last week, AARP was busy in the Asian American/ Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. On December 9, they issued a report entitled “Are Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Financially Secure?” Billed as “an AARP report about the economic well-being of AAPIs age 50+”, results from a 2013 AARP study of Chinese and Filipino Americans, Census data, and survey data of English speaking Asian Americans from Scarborough Research, and other cited sources (including DEC partner National Asian Pacific Center on Aging) were synthesized to reveal major findings about financial security among AAPI communities in the United States.

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Collecting Stories from Our Communities: The Diverse Elders Stories Initiative

Some of our greatest tools to make positive change on behalf of our constituents are stories from older adults, their loved ones, advocates and community members that illustrate the struggles and triumphs of aging as people of color or LGBTQ people. We share these stories with the public on our blog and through social media to raise awareness of the issues that affect diverse elders. Your stories also allow us to show policymakers the faces behind their proposed policies and programs. With your stories, we are able to advocate for the needs of diverse elders more effectively.


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The 2015 Aging in America Conference: First Time Experiences and Diverse Perspectives

The 2015 Aging in America Conference wraps up today in Chicago, IL. This week has provided a unique opportunity for the Diverse Elders Coalition and its members to share their work and connect with thousands of other participants from around the country working on issues of concern for elders. As a first time attendee, I was particularly impressed with (and maybe a bit overwhelmed by) the size and scope of the conference.


I kicked off the conference on the first day with a morning session talking about HIV/AIDS as part of an inter-generational dialogue entitled “Being Gay Ain’t What it Used to Be” with my colleague and friend, Read More