They Fought for the U.S. in Laos. Now Many Older Hmong Fight Depression.

    by Alice Daniel. Alice reported this story for KQED public radio’s statewide “California Report,” as part of a Journalists in Aging Fellowship supported by New America Media, the Gerontological Society of America and the Silver Century Foundation. This story was first published by New America Media.

    Click to hear the radio report of this story.

    Dia Yang is a cultural broker at the Fresno Center for New Americans. She helps Southeast Asian refugees acclimate to the United States.

    On this rainy day, she’s working with a dozen older Hmong men and women who find life in America really hard.

    Yang instructs them in a crafts activity: decorating little paper gift boxes to fill with chocolate and.... Read More


    Let’s Talk LGBT Aging at the 2017 Aging in America Conference!

    Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender older adults face a number of challenges when it comes to aging, including harassment and discrimination, increased poverty rates, high un- and underemployment rates, and more. The team at SAGE (Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders) is participating in a number of workshops and panel discussions at this year’s Aging in America Conference, March 20-24 in Chicago, IL. Check out some of the highlights below, and for a complete listing of all of the Diverse Elders Coalition presentations at ASA, click here for our AiA17 flyer.

    Monday, March 20th:

    12:30pm – 2pm: Innovative Community Responses to LGBTQ Aging – Despite their increased experiences of discrimination, the voices and faces of LGBT older adults are notably.... Read More

    Your Digital Mission: How Social Technology Can Advance Your Organization

    by Bryce Kirchoff, Director of Audience Development for Next Avenue. Next Avenue is public media’s first and only national journalism service for America’s booming older population. Bryce will be presenting on a panel alongside Jenna McDavid of the Diverse Elders Coalition at this year’s Aging in America conference. For more information on the conference, click here

    More than 40 million people have visited since we launched five years ago. While many aspects of life have changed since then, the mission of Next Avenue remains the same: We unleash the potential of older Americans through digital media. Central to Next Avenue’s service — and success — is a recognition of the diverse needs, challenges and opportunities.... Read More


    Q&A About the ACA for Diverse Elders

    With the confirmation of Tom Price as Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), diverse elders may have more questions than ever about the future of the Affordable Care Act. The Diverse Elders Coalition will make protecting healthcare access a priority in the coming months, and as we learn more about the fate of the ACA, we will communicate that on our blog and social media.


    In the meantime, here are some questions and answers about the Affordable Care Act and where things stand right now. If you have additional questions, please reach out to the health navigators.... Read More


    Elderly Care: A Hilo Family’s Experience

    by Zedrick-Kyle Oda. This article originally appeared in Honolulu Civil Beat.

    Within my big family, I always viewed my 87-year-old great grandmother and my 94-year-old great grandfather as strong-willed individuals. They’re always so loving to their children and to us grandchildren.

    Everything seemed to be fine until the reality of time gradually caught up with them. As they lived with my 64-year-old grandmother throughout much of their lives, they’ve become more dependent on her over time.

    My great grandfather has gradually lost his ability to walk and has developed a case of dementia. Also, my great grandmother has a harder time carrying out her daily routine due to her old age. Given that my grandmother worked full-time and.... Read More


    The Untold Story: Grandma’s Long Years Of Caregiving

    by Alani Jamile. This article originally appeared in Honolulu Civil Beat.

    Grandma Jamile has always been a tough cookie.

    From her rough childhood to experiencing a heartbreaking divorce, she has been through it all and never let anything get to her. She found ways to pick herself up in the worst situations and kept moving forward.

    I am her first grandchild, which meant I was the one who spent the most time with her out of the six grandchildren she has. As I grew up, she would tell me stories in greater detail about her life. I knew about her growing up an only child with an alcoholic father, her mother abandoning her for a few years and.... Read More


    Numbers of Filipino American Elders, Other Aging Minorities on the Rise

    by Neil Gonzales. This article originally appeared on New America Media.

    NEW ORLEANS –- The number of elderly Americans is rising quickly with much of that growth bursting out of Filipino and other minority communities, according to experts speaking at a weeklong conference on aging issues.

    But even as the Filipino American population and its number of elders are expected to continue to grow, aging concerns within that community remain in the background.

    “I don’t think there’s much attention at all being paid to Filipino elder issues” even though that ethnic group “will have a large number of elder adults,” said Steven Wallace, who directs UCLA’s national center for the Resource Centers for Minority Aging Research,.... Read More

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