Our Principles

Aging affects every American
Aging affects us all—as individuals, as families (broadly defined to include families of choice), and as entire communities. Aging leaves none of us untouched.

Social conditions influence how we age
Our diverse elders have faced a lifetime of prejudice and discrimination, institutional neglect, a lack of adequate resources, and many other inequities that have placed us at a significant disadvantage. We seek policies and programs that redress the physical, psychological and material costs of living such a life.

With hardship comes resilience
Our diverse elders have also lived through—and continue to lead—decades of trailblazing improvements in the law, in changing attitudes and beliefs, and in transforming, piece by piece, the many institutions that define well-being in our country and disproportionately affect our communities. We believe that living at the forefront of significant social change creates a special wisdom and resilience.

Fairness, good health and financial security
Healthy aging—especially for underserved communities—mean addressing the wide range of social and economic barriers they experience at all stages in their lives. We believe in fairness, good health, financial security and self-determination for all elders.

Our commonalities unite us
We believe that our diverse communities—across race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and ability—share histories and experiences that unite us. We also seek common solutions, such as better research and more resources for our communities; culturally and linguistically appropriate care; a stronger, more inclusive safety net, and a life free of discrimination. We also value the unique experiences of elders living with multiple identities and struggling with barriers across those identities.

Multiple strategies across our organizations
We believe that policy makers and agency officials ought to utilize their unique leadership to ensure that diverse older adults are better supported as they age.

Multiple opportunities for reform
We believe that policy makers and agency officials have innumerable opportunities for ensuring that our diverse older adults are better supported as they age.

Shared prosperity
We believe that when we improve the systems that affect our country’s diverse elder communities—we ease the burdens associated with aging for all older adults and their families.

United, we are more powerful
Together, our diverse communities represent a growing majority of millions of older adults nationwide. When we join our resources, our strategic minds, and our communities, we can achieve any change we envision.